Modern Cloud Development


Well, it’s been a while since I posted hasn’t it. A lot has changed in the 5 years since I last posted. Back then I was working with defense contractors developing a lot of on-prem infrastructure tools with PowerShell. Moved into cloud computing and doing Serverless development and DevOps automation for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment using AWS services. This has revolutionized the ways in which I look at computing. In the process I’ve gone back and forth on what development environments and languages to work with. There’s just so many options. Since I was working with PowerShell and .NET I used PowerShell ISE and VisualStudio primarily. I moved from enterprise Windows environments to then using Linux/Unix first with traditional virtualization, then containerization, and functions. Further abstracting away from the physical systems to focus working with services and my code that runs it. What I really care about is if someone is making a request for information or submitting information how can I retrieve the data and present that information to them as quickly, reliably, and securely as possible.

In the future posts I’ll be comparing development environment and patterns for cloud native applications. As I’m utilizing AWS services this will be focused on their development tools. Continue reading