Essential Cloud Development Tools for Windows 10 Users


The combination of Docker Desktop, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), and Visual Studio Code with extensions is extremely powerful!

I seen that a lot of software developers use Mac, and I’ve used Macs too. However now that Microsoft has a focus on open source, everything has changed. Windows 10 can leverage many Linux distros with the WSL. Using PowerShell and the Bash Shell natively is amazing. We will still leverage virtualization on Windows utilizing Hyper-V for Linux Docker containers, however we can still use the WSL with Docker Desktop. There’s extra configuration needed to make it work. This is due to limitations of WSL not being able to run daemons as a service. Regardless this is the best development experience I’ve seen as I can run locally just as easily as in the cloud and I know though my testing it’ll work the same. The portability of containers solves a lot of challenges.

Here I’ll show you the essentials of preparing your Windows 10 computer for modern applications development in the cloud.

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