Using AWS Lambda for PowerShell To Get Data From Microsoft SQL Instance


I’ve got many PowerShell scripts I’ve written over the years but one of the most useful was to simply get data from a Microsoft SQL server and another to insert or update data. This is an example of modernizing a script I wrote over 5 years ago to now run on serverless computing with AWS Lambda. In addition I can use API Gateway and Lambda to create a serverless interface to a Microsoft SQL instance. I’ve tested this with an Amazon RDS MS SQL standard instance within a VPC, a Lambda function with an ENI within that VPC, and API integration with Lambda. Additionally the security group on the RDS instance will need to allow port 1433 with the source being the Lambda function security group. With this combination of components I can do an HTTPS get request to the API which reads from a MSSQL database. This is also very useful for decoupling, migration, and adopting a microservices architecture.

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